Off the back of overwhelming demand the people behind Ethis Ventures are revitalising Waqf for the benefit of the Ummah, and we’re thrilled to have some really influential supporters who believe in what we’re doing.

If you love what we’ve done for #islamiccrowdfunding and #islamicfintech you are going to totally be head over heals that we’re tackling the ancient noble institution of Waqf.

We rushed this to be ready for Ramadan so will be adding content as quick as we can.

Since you know we’re Muslims dedicated to pleasing Allah swt and serving the Ummah you can trust that we take this seriously. We have Taqwa and are working day and night to bring the most transformative Waqf experience we can to you.

For now know that industry heavyweights support us, and inshaAllah, you will too!

We’ll keep adding content and explanations so please continue to check back regularly and provide us with your email so that we can keep you updated.



Richard ‘AbdarRahman’ Chignell is the Co-Founder and CEO of WWGF. After almost 5 years of studying, he converted to Islam and a new life began focused on ethical finance. After financial services head hunting, commodity futures trading, he committed to social entrepreneurialism and social business models – finally connecting his initial studies in Sociology with his business experience. Upon the discovery of the Islamic institution of Waqf (endowment) he committed his life to leveraging his business and investing experience to the Sadaqat (charity) and Khair (goodness) arena. AbdarRahman serves as Chief Growth Officer at Ethis Ventures.

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Umar Munshi has established himself as a thought leader for Islamic Fintech and entrepreneurship, especially in Southeast Asia. Umar is also the founder of Ethis Ventures; an early investor in, Indonesia’s leading Umrah travel marketplace. He is also the Chairman of the, a board member of the Singapore Malay Chamber of (, and is the Singapore Representative of TDA (, an Indonesian Community of 20,000 entrepreneurs.