Charity Causes: We help charities cover their operational costs through their own cash Waqf.

Major Causes: We support the main groups mentioned in the Quran, and ensure effective disbursement.

Sustainability: The Foundation is built on the very model that we promote – Cash Waqf.

Crowd Funding: We empower the crowd to be Waqifs and have long-lasting and compounding impact.

Advocacy: Educational programs/webinars/speeches for the crowd to better understand Waqf.

Consultancy: Offer advice/consultation to firms, institutions and religious bodies who would like to benefit from our unique skill set in Waqf.

Waqf Structuring:From concept to implementation we structure the best Waqf for the desired situation through the intelligent combination of physical and financial design.

Concept Design Implementation & Islamic Inspired Design: Let our industry leading in-house design experts help you create inspirational Islamic buildings eg. Masjids, community centres, hospitals, etc.

We believe in the power of Waqf so much that all of the foundation’s work is facilitated by a self-sustaining cash Waqf. We run the foundation through Waqf itself, which means that WWGF can invest and manage all of the things below and more. As a Waqif of the Sustainability Cash Waqf, your contribution is vital. There is so much work to be done, and we cannot do this alone. Your contribution enables us to us to revitalize the Waqf institution.

Remember this form of contribution is Sadaqah Jariyah – you receive blessings for every bit of work that we are able to do do, due to the perpetual nature of Waqf.

The biggest complaint about Waqf are the lack of professional management and effective disbursement. As an organization, it is you the Waqif, that enables us to hire the best professionals and develop the most effective methods of dispersing charity.

We are unique in that we believe so strongly in Cash Waqf, that we use the returns generated from its investment to facilitate our services to the Ummah.

If you value what we do, please contribute your cash and become a Waqif!